Do you feel sluggish and tired? 

Do you suffer from frequent headaches, mood swings, and/or irritability? 

Are you experiencing menstrual problems, weight issues or skin conditions like adult acne? 

More importantly, do you feel like you want a body makeover?
If you answered yes to any of those questions, this 7-day challenge is for you

It helps you put the brakes on what is happening in your body right now and instead, your body will receive nutrients from foods that will aid your hormone health. Hormones problems take time but don’t be surprised if you have more energy and vitality after just seven days. 

I’m Lorene Sauro, RHN and like you, I live a hectic life, tending to my family, friends, career and my three cats. I understand, all too clearly, what it is like to add health issues to the list and trying to cope with it all.

For me, it was my struggles with endometriosis and fibroids that nearly did me in and it was this struggle that took me on my journey to learn more about health and how the body functions. I studied and became an registered holistic nutritionist and since then I have been helping clients and help future practitioners help their clients.

I have made it my mission to help people by giving them the basics to understand that having great digestive and intestinal function can set them up to have more energy, better health and more fun in life.

This is what we all want, right? – more fun, more delight, especially with food which is one of the most delicious joys in life.
Lorene Sauro, RHN
Copyright 2017 Lorene Sauro